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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Eight

Jackson, MS to Laurel, MS
93 Miles
50s to high 70s
A little bit of a breeze with some head winds
Started at about 6:45 - Came into Laurel around 2:00
About 6 hours of biking

After about 10 miles we hit the roughest road (shoulders) so far.
This went on for about 20 miles - I thought it was going to be a rough
This would have been rough with a mountain bike - a lot of gravel and
rough uneven roads surfaces.
But the shoulders got wider and smoother. Yahoo!
Shoulders have ranged from nice wide smooth shoulders to no shoulders.

My legs are beginning to get used to longer distances and feel pretty
good. However, it will be good to have a day off.
We met several people along the way and enjoyed visiting with them.
We also have met some interesting wildlife along the way (see the
The Chamber of Commerce even welcomed us to Laurel with a note on their
Cycling into Laurel we met with a reporter from the Laurel Leader-Call
and had a nice interview with him.
Thanks Brandon for helping us raise that Awareness.

Right after the interview we met our hosts for the next two days, Rhonda
and Steven and their son Jonathon.
They led the way to our new home for a couple of days at the Evangel
Temple, Assembly of God Church.
Talk about Southern Hospitality! Soon after we arrived they provided a
great meal, southern style! Even with fresh picked veggies out of Fran's
It was worth the trip just for this. They also had some of their young
people come and visit with us, and our kids made quick new friends.
It's like we knew these people. After riding over 90 miles, we still had
fun playing some two hand touch football. Those boys can run pretty
It was nice to relax and nice for the kids to be able to get out and run
around with some other kids.

Roads come in all shapes and conditions.
Sometimes they are smooth and flat.
Some are bumpy and rough.
There are hills.
There is traffic.
You can feel the wind from the big trucks.
I do not know what is around the corner.
That can be scary, sometimes risky, it takes energy.

Sounds a little bit like love.

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