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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Seven

Vicksburg, MS to Crystal Springs, MS

Mileage - 45 miles
Temp 50s to 70s - chilly start - nice biking weather
Bit of a head wind
Flat ground has changed to rolling hills
Roads are very rural - however, shoulders were very small and then
Although there was not much traffic, there were quite a few tractor
Because of the narrow roads with little or no shoulders, we have
modified the course for tomorrow's ride.
We went to Jackson (about 20 miles north) and will leave tomorrow on
roads we believe will be a little more safe.
Had a chance to talk to Jeff from the Siloam Springs Herald Leader to
update him on our progress. Thanks Jeff.
Cell phones are very nice.

We are definitely in the south - they have instant grits
What's a grit?  Should you eat something that is called a grit?

We stopped at a gas station as a rest stop and talked to Velma.
Almost everyone we talk to knows someone with a son or daughter, friend
or relative with down syndrome.
She has a good friend who's daughter has Down Syndrome. A precious
daughter, but they relate that sometimes recourses and support are
Hopefully, raising awareness may help in some small way. At least let
them know that others care.

As I passed over some tougher roads, narrow shoulders, hilly, windy - I
Could I help be a shoulder for someone, to give them a little more
security to enjoy life?
Could I help smooth a bumpy road, to let them enjoy the view?
Could I help block some of the wind, to give them a chance to keep
Could I slow down and enjoy the journey?
See ya along the road!

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