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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Six

Mileage - 90 miles
Breezy - winds from the North
Temp - 50s to mid 70s
Beautiful biking weather
Roads for the most part were pretty good with decent shoulders.
There were occasional spots with rougher pavement.

Scariest moment for biking thus far was crossing the bridge over the
Looking back, I would have packed the bike on the van for those couple
of miles.

We left beautiful Pecan Grove RV Park with an early start. Special
thanks to some special people who own and run Pecan Grove RV park in
Lake Village, AR.
They provided two beautiful cottages for our family to rest in, were
very gracious and generous and even baked a great cake (love those
carbs!) If you ever need a place to stay in Southeast Arkansas, stop at
Pecan Grove RV Park. Dee and Bill Bunker will take good care of you.
Thanks for your help!

We entered Louisiana and came to Lake Providence (first larger town).
Check out the Ole Dutch Bakery and Coffee shop if you ever pass through.
Most excellent cinnamon rolls. We visited with Marlin and Kathy Wedel
and found out that their son in law is Doug Amoth, an electrician from
Siloam Springs. Small world!. Thanks for the great pastries and your

Still very flat with large fields of corn. At one point I could see
about a mile or two all around, at that time there were no cars on the
road. Sunshine, breeze at my back, I slowed down and looked around -
very cool. America is a great place.

We originally were going to stop at Tallulah, LA, but things were going
well and we decided to keep on moving to Vicksburg, MS.
The Chamber of Commerce at Vicksburg was a huge help and very receptive
to the D-Tour and welcomed us to Vicksburg. Pat Strange from the
Vicksburg Convention and Visitor Center made some calls and introduced
us to Trey Miller, General Manager for Jameson Inn. Trey graciously
provided rooms at the Jameson Inn for the night. Great Service! They
made us feel right at home.  Thanks Pat and Trey and Vicksburg for your
welcome and your help with the D-Tour. The pool felt pretty refreshing
after 90 miles.

I think that one of the coolest things about slicing our way through
America is meeting great folks and finding that so many people really care.
Each in their own way, each with their own individual stories.
We often go on a trip to visit and see the natural beauty of America,
it is a blast to see the different scenery as we spin those tires.
But it's the people that really makes the trip worth the work.
It is a privilege to meet the treasures of the world - each individual.
Every one of us is valuable - ask Jon, he'll answer your question with a
hug and a smile.

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