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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Three

We left Waldron at about 7:00 and made it to Hot Springs at about 1:00
Mileage 85 miles - Hot again - mid 80s to lower 90s. Slight head wind.
Roads were great for the most part for biking, pretty good shoulders and
not too much traffic until you hit the towns.
Rolling hills and a couple steep grades. This is the beautiful heartland
of America with pastures, streams, forests and the Quatchita mountains.
Leaving at 7:00, the mist was just burning away, people were going to
work, I thought about my job and my friend and boss Dan Ryan, who would
be diligently working in front of his computer as I do typically every
day, but I did not think about it very long:) The wind in my face, the
sun shining, and the sound of the whishing tires, it was a great time to
just reflect and look around and pray for those who I love and who I met
along the way.

Traveling along, I missed one of our predetermined rest stops (I didn't
see the support vehicles waiting for me under the shade) - I was getting
low on water, and it doesn't take long for the water in the water
bottles to get warm. Keeping hydrated and energized is important on
longer treks like this, so when I saw the sign for donuts (aka energy
food?), I pulled into the Crystal Inn. The apple turnovers immediately
caught my attention, and I asked the kind folks if they could fill my
bottle with some ice water. We talked, we touched each others lives,
they sent me along the way with a cool cup of water and a scrumptious
apple turnover, and wouldn't let me pay for it. Thanks, it really was
delicious - and I appreciated the conversation and your heart for
others. The message of hope and the value of each individual resonates
with so many of the good people we have had an opportunity to visit with.

We landed at the Hot Springs Promenade and met with Richard and Mark
from the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record who were kind enough to put our
story in the Hot Springs news. Shortly after, Channel 11 TV from Little
Rock came and also did a story of the trip and message. Thanks for all
who have helped to get the word out.

Through various contacts, we headed to Iron Mountain Resort and Marina
where we met Vickie and later her husband David. They have a great heart
for kids with special needs, heard about our journey and invited us to
spend the night at their resort. We were truly blessed not only by the
great accommodations, but also by meeting folks who love to help others.
Thanks for your generous hospitality and wonderful smiles and hugs. We
are just sorry we could not have had more of an opportunity to visit
with you all. They made Jon an official Captain at their marina - Jon
was in his glory.


Are you normal?
Do you think I am?
What makes you or me valuable?
How much is a smile worth?
Does a smile cost?
Jon gives them away for free!
Would the world be better if he had not been born?
Sometimes we feel that way about ourselves.
I am glad you were born!

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