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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Two

Day one distance 65 miles, Weather - hot and sunny, gentle wind,
mid to upper 80s
Note: Half way between Fayetteville and Fort Smith is Mt. Gaylor, this
is supposedly the highest point on Rt. 71, and I believe will be the
highest point of our journey. Max speed was 43 mph (yahoo!)

Day two distance 40 miles, Weather - hot and sunny, light head
wind, mid to upper 80s, maybe low 90s, traffic was a bit busy at the
start, but shoulders were pretty wide.

Day two notes:

We Joined the great folks from Living way Church on Sunday morning and
sure appreciated your kind reception and generous gifts to help us along
the way. Thanks for your prayers and sincere interest in helping us
spread the message of hope and help.

Special thanks to Stephen and Barbara Conrady from Living Way Church and
Ron and Debi Bathchelor from Outreach for providing great accommodations
for Saturday night. Thanks Debi for all of your hard work in setting up
so many contacts as well.
And thanks for all of the great conversations and truly being the wind
under our wings!

We hit the road on Sunday at about 12:45 cruising down the highway on
our way to Waldron (about 40 miles). Josh made it the whole way with
Toby through the heat of the day - it kinda was a bake oven day and it
felt good to get out of the saddle at about 4:00 that afternoon. Josh
learned an important lesson related to the generous application (or lack
thereof) of sunscreen, especially on a day when the oven is set to

We reached Waldron and was greeted by the kind heart of Glenda who
brought us to the Waldron Baptist Church. It reminded me so much of the
country church of my upbringing in Pennsylvania. These generous folks
let us take over their building for the night and provided a great feast
for us for both supper and breakfast. We tried to get some of these
ladies to join us as our cooks, but to no avail. A special thanks to
Glenda for staying up late, getting up early and even washing some of
our odorific biking clothes.


As we get to journey down this D-Tour we are taking, it is providing a
snapshot of people and places, a cross-section of America that we get to
see because a bike is slower than our cars. I think I am in the fast
lane too often, and flowers and faces become a blur. It is so hard for
me to slow down. I am thankful for this opportunity to meet so many good
folks who are beautiful and valuable, the tapestry of life. I was riding
down the road with Jon this morning - a dad and his son - the other kids
had raced ahead, but this little one was just enjoying life and singing
his songs and pointing to something and saying "hey dad, look at that!"
I could have missed it!

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