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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Fifteen

Tallahassee to Lake City (we were able to go all the way to Lake City
instead of Live Oak)
100 Miles
70s to 80s
Strong head winds - with more smoke from fires
Rolling hills - nice roads
Long day of biking - but this will let me have a day of rest tomorrow
Some beautiful canopied drives with trees creating a tunnel like effect.

Kathy went on to Live Oak and looked around.
She had lived there for a while and checked out some of the old stomping
We met some wonderful ladies and enjoyed visiting with them.
It was fun for Kathy to talk to some of the natives of the area and see
what things had changed.
Thanks for your generosity and smiles.

The boys really enjoyed chatting (and drooling) over the local sword and
curio shop.
(See the pictures). They would have stayed all day.
We enjoyed the visit with you all as well.

Because we were close to Jacksonville, we decided to go ahead and get
our gear to Mary and Bills.
This saved us two nights cost for hotels, a chance to spend a little
more time with family,
And the opportunity to take care of some last minute logistics.
We will go back to Lake City early Monday morning to do the last leg of
the biking.

I want to say an extra special thanks to Bill Box, my Brother-in-law,
who has been taking care of the website.
Any delays have been my fault, (lack of internet connection, or just too
tired that day).
He has always put the info up almost as soon as I have sent it to him,
and put in countless hours.
If you are looking for a web designer or webmaster - go to Bill Box (see
the sponsor page) - Box Web Designs
He will take good care of you. Thanks so much Bill.

Long days
Wind gusting in your face
Smoke in your eyes
Smell the acrid aroma
Expectations gone awry


New Vistas
New perspectives
Standing (cycling) for a purpose
Bringing hope and help
Hugs and smiles
Growing stronger - maturity
Using my strengths for those who are vulnerable

Keep going
Keep hydrated
Take a rest and look around
Open my eyes and my heart

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