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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Fourteen

Cottondale / Mariana, Fl to Tallahassee, Fl

90 miles
70s to 80s
Rolling hills - nice road (Florida is not all flat!)
Roads are pretty straight with decent shoulders
Head winds all day bringing smoke from Georgia fires
See the one picture of Jon and I - that is not fog - it's smoke
Scenery is changing to some cool looking swamps, pine forests,
overhanging trees with Spanish moss, old mansion style homes.
Someone asked where the most beautiful place has been, each place has
been beautiful in its own way.
Just like the people we have met - unique - different - beautiful in
their own way.

Thanks again to Blue Springs Baptist Conference Center for great
accommodations and making us feel at home.

We stopped at a little bakery for a break - (They had a sign for
Krispy-Kreme Donuts) and met Omie.
We found out that she had had a little baby with Down Syndrome over 30
years ago, but it had died right after childbirth.
She never even got to hold him, because of some medical complications
for her.
Even after all of the years, we could see the emotions that were present
and how she still longed for that little one.
Omie, you have blessed us, it is great to see the heart of a mother.
Thanks for sharing your story, giving us a hug and a smile. We hope we
could give some of that back to you.
You are really special.

We stayed at a hotel in Tallahassee for the evening.

Are we afraid of things that are different?
We get used to things, routines - the security of knowing that this is
the way things go.
A security blanket, the cup of coffee in the morning, schedules, roads
(without the detours).
And then quite often believe that the rest of the world should think the
same way.
We sometimes look down on people who do things differently.

There are great benefits from having roots, a heritage - stability,
foundations, solid footing.
I believe that there are absolutes we should believe in and fight for.
For me that includes my faith in a loving God, the intrinsic value of
every soul,
love of family and a moral compass based on God's word.

But it is easy to remain in our comfort zone of the normal expectations
of life and miss the many wonderful vistas in the winding road of life.
Sometimes we consider the changes and detours to be a nuisance,
On this trip and in our life I am learning to look at the wonderful
beauty just around the corner.
Our little D-Tour (called Jon) embraces his daddy, and now I embrace
Embrace the detours and see the beauty.

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