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D A I L Y     P R O G R E S S

Tour began on Saturday May, 12th 2007.
We left at 8:00 a.m., from the Walton Arts Center parking lot in Fayetteville.

Day Ten

We made a slight detour on the D-Tour - again because of the condition
of the roads and safety.
Left Laurel, MS and ended up in Mobile, AL
105 Miles - longest distance in one day so far
Temp 70s to high 80s - maybe low 90s
The temp in the middle of the afternoon begins to affect performance -
drinking lots of fluids
Some head winds most of the day.
Roads were pretty decent with moderate shoulders, but with some light
rumble strips.
Traffic was relatively low except near larger towns.

We left Laurel about 7:00 - Thanks again to Rhonda and family for their
hospitality and new friendship.
Rhonda also helped set up a place for us to stay in Mobile at the City
Another nice day for a bike ride.

We stopped for a break just north of the Alabama State line at the
Buckatunna Gas and Grocery stop and met some really great people.
Thanks for your generosity, chance to visit for a while, and the pop and
Thanks also for helping a certain gets some keys from the inside of a
locked car. A hint for those who know us, this was not the first time.
See the picts.

Thanks to the folks at City Church who have graciously provided a place
for a group to crash.
We have appreciated so many people who have helped us along the way and
have kindred spirits and want to help get the message of the value of
these special people who have a condition called Down Syndrome.

Our host asked me tonight if I was OK.
He was really asking us if we needed anything else for the evening.
I told him that I didn't know if I was OK. Being a little facetious
Then I asked him if he was OK.
Do you feel OK on any typical day?
What makes you feel good, accepted, valued... OK on any given day.
Where do we get the ideas that determine what is OK?
The very cool thing, is that Jon believes that he is OK
And he believes that you are OK.
I like Jon's way of thinking.

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